What's the real difference..?

Since everyone is using all different terms and phrases to market their companies for Google and such, we thought it might help some people to figure out exactly what they are paying for - usually they will figure this out after the fact, but knowledge is power, and can prevent them from selecting th same inappropriate model escort again, or even stop calling the entire company if the experience is mediocre a few times in a row. High Society escorts provides both elite high class escorts (girlfriend experience escorts or companions) and model courtesans. Our elite escorts are always striving to be a class above a general escort "service provider", and do not consider themselves 'general' escorts.

The Most Obvious Differences:
One of the major differences between a genuine courtesan and a general high class Sydney escort is that the courtesan is not motivated solely by money. Her fee is not the major focus of her attention and she regards the money only as a source of freedom and not a source of happiness. Such a woman is always extremely selective and will only engage in girlfriend liaisons that she enjoys, deriving her greatest pleasure from the positive impact that she may have on your life. A genuine courtesan is also aware that while she must be blessed with the looks of a model or actress, beauty is not found solely in external appearance. She knows that ultimately, the true beauty of any person resides in what cannot be seen. Hence, a genuine courtesan will have little interest in the superficial and the pretentious....She is less concerned with how you look and more with how you carry yourself in the world and the values that shape your life.

Couture and High Class Sydney Escorts:
During our time as a high class Sydney escort courtesan provider, we have always been extremely vigilant in how our models presented themselves both in public and during their private assignments. We still demand those same standards from the Sydney escorts we represent. We have taught them that their body is their temple and they must always strive to match the beauty within with impeccable grooming and couture. We have encouraged them to acquire a fashion sense of classic designer clothing with a preference for immaculate, sleek fitted lines that reflect and flatter the natural feminine shape of their figures. You will never find the model escorts we represent wearing inappropriate clothing (regardless of the cost), with wild colours, faux fur and rhinestones designed to attract undesirable attention. When High Society escort courtesans appear in public with a gentleman, no one would ever call them tasteless or trashy. The only thing they should be remembered for is their charming, gracious nature and maybe their beautiful smile. She is not in need of approval or validation by dressing for attention. We can assure you that we really do understand the difference between classic elegance and the 'bling' that pollutes the streets of many of our Australian cities!!

The Courtesan's Joie De Vivre:
We specialize in Australian model courtesan escorts, who have inherited an authentic, spontaneous and light-hearted approach to life. We're aware that many Sydney escorts do not have such an approach, and that their manner and behaviour can make for a very uncomfortable and disappointing liaison. However, we have surrounded our clientele with courtesans who share our own approach, and understand what it means to be warm, engaging and authentic. Having now enjoyed many years of travelling the world and living in many international cities, the spirit of our agency's heritage is balanced with a sophisticated appreciation of joie de vivre. Our elite Private Collection of high class escorts in Sydney includes ladies from all over the world including England, France, Germany, Denmark, North America, South Africa and Australia. They all enjoy stimulating conversation and share an informal sense of humour and a relaxed style that will make you feel completely at ease. We can assure you that they have none of the pretensions or the coldness that is so often encountered. You will never need to ask them to 'lighten up'. The warmth and playfulness of their personalities will just naturally shine through!

Sydney Escorts & GFE Courtesan Values:
We have cultivated and recruited women of integrity, intelligence and honesty, like all the great courtesans. We like to offer escort ladies who follow their heart and their conscience, and always try to make others happy, ensuring they am aware of others' needs. That is the principle behind our Private Collection of Sydney escorts, and the values we seek in the ladies we represent. Like us, we do insist that they set their own boundaries and never do anything to compromise their values. It should always be their goal and natural disposition to make everyone they meet, from ambassadors and chief executives, to the person who cleans their apartment, feel comfortable and inspired in their presence. We do not intentionally wish to embarrass or hurt anyone, and we do not offer selfish, self-absorbed or greedy companions. We like escort models who see themselves as very moral woman, those who are more concerned with the needs of others than their own. However, they should also have a very healthy level of self-respect and self-esteem, with a natural generosity of spirit. They should always strive to appreciate the good in others. Those are the values that we seek to attract in the ladies we invite to join our Private Collection of elite Sydney escorts. Such qualities are very difficult to find..hence the reason why we have established this very exclusive and unique boutique Sydney escort service.

Donations, Discernment and High Class Sydney Escorts:
As a genuine, boutique Sydney escort agency, we still provide the same exceptional quality of service that we have always offered as an exclusive high class courtesan provider. Such a service is very rare and as you can appreciate, is always in very high demand. Naturally, the fees we request are a reflection of this quality. However, please understand that the fee should not be the focus of your attention and should not detract in any way from your experience when you engage with our girlfriend escorts. We know that our Private Collection of Sydney escorts is not for everyone, and our fees are established at the highest levels to differentiate and discern genuine elite gentlemen from the many who desire these services, but who could never understand or appreciate what we offer. A gentleman who has achieved the financial success required to regard our fees in this way, is also likely to have the manners, charm and sophistication to match our own, and an experience of life that will enable him to truly appreciate and enjoy the finest companionship available in Sydney.

Rediscover the Lost Passion of your Youth:
Such a gentleman will also understand, probably through many past attempts, that it is rare to find the experience our companions provide with a wife, girlfriend or a even a traditional high class Sydney escort. A genuine courtesan creates a deep and profound emotional and physical connection which enhances both her life and yours. When you are together you will experience the sensual desire and freedom of your youth, your life will be fulfilled and enhanced in a way you never expected. You will feel energized and alive again with a new found sense of power and freedom!

A Fantasy of Perfection:
It's not entirely accurate to describe what we offer as simply a Sydney escort agency service, even though we often use this wording for the sake of search engine optimization. The High Society courtesan escorts experience is more like companionship with an affectionate human connection explored together during regular intimate secret liaisons. The gentlemen we are seeking are experienced enough to know that when the woman they are with is happy, they are also assured of a very happy time of their own. Nothing is coerced or false, and the experience is always a consensual, mutually enjoyable and blissfully sweet indulgence. However, our secret always allows a discreet return to normal life as a husband, father, dignitary, celebrity or businessman.

We offer nothing less than an entirely safe 'fantasy of perfection' girlfriend experience with a high class Sydney escort companion in a highly charged atmosphere of passion and pleasure!