High Society offers many models who are genuinely bi-sexual, and who love nothing better than to entertain sensual, sexy couples. We only send experienced, genuinely bisexual girls to meet with our lovely couple clients.

Our models politely request at least a 2 hour minimum for couple appointments, as the time it takes to discuss your needs, get to know each other with an additional person involved, and enjoy a properly built-up level of excitement requires more than an hour.

A 30% fee is charged in addition to the model escort's usual time fee, for the extra person's presence. Some escort agencies charge double! We think 30% is ample, considering the girl is supposed to genuinely enjoy spending time with couples.. :-)

Please behave with courtesy, respect and consideration for our beautiful ladies, as they will with you. Please do not give orders or be rough, she is a person. Please ensure you are well showered and have brushed your teeth. Please don't be too intoxicated when you call, nor offer our models illegal substances. The girls are trying to create a very intimate and affectionate atmosphere. She cannot do this if any of the above are violated. She may leave if she is not feeling respected, comfortable and safe.

Assuming you are polite, considerate, well bred people, your High Society escort will spoil you in the best ways, and make your experience unforgettable, whether it is your 1st time, or your 1000th!

Melbourne couples Escorts or Sydney couples escorts are genuinely bi-sexual and talented couples entertainers. We will never send inexperienced girls to cater for Sydney threesomes. escorts who are comfortable with Lesbian double experiences are generally very suited to catering for couple bookings. Our high class Sydney escorts are ideal for the selective couple seeking the highest quality experience. Rather than calling an elite escort Sydney who has little or no experience or confidence is not going to make your evening memorable. The only thing that will create an unforgettable evening is the chemistry between you all, which all boils down to the high class escorts Sydney confidence. Similarly, the high class Melbourne girls are required to be genuinely bi-sexual and experiences with women as well as gentlemen, in order to be allowed to cater for our threesome requests. Generally, the Sydney high class escorts with High Society are superior to the general provisions throughout Australia, but then again we are a little biased as we believe we operate the premium agency in Australia!