24 yrs  |   5'6"   |   32"B, 25", 35"
Sensual, Smart, Petite

Naomi is an incredibly talented young lady.. A genuine and caring person, she provides femine and soulful companionship. A personal trainer and health devotee, Naomi also dabbles in acting and all things creative. She is smart, seductive abd extremely enticing. Very eager to please, she is sexy and playful, and possesses beautiful eyes and a devastating smile. She is absolutely suited to role play and all manner of fun and games, however Naomi is also extremely empathetic and intuitive, when you just need someone to listen and give some TLC. She also loves exploring new destinations and cultures, so she makes a perfect travel companion, whether she is taking care of your administration in the hotel room, or accompanying you on an outdoor adventure in a big city, she is the perfect accompaniment.Passionate and yet feminine, this mysterious, sensual beauty is an absolute must for the refined gentleman seeking a deeper level of connection, or a higher talent and skill in entertainment.   Rates here.
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