23 yrs  |   5'6"   |   34"D, 25", 34"
Erotic Seduction & Kisses

Elegant, athletic Michelle is a sexy, curvy, passionate young lady indeed. One would never guess when meeting her just how uninhibited & wild she can be when properly stimulated..! Michelle's mysterious mind will captivate you, she loves to seduce on every level. She's deliciously naughty. With a degree in communications, and a dedication to yoga, she is one of the most flexible models you will ever have the pleasure of meeting... very bendy!

An intoxicating, sexy young beauty with luscious lips and bright bedroom eyes, Michelle is definitely a minx in disguise... Do you like sweet, intelligent, gentle & tender, or energetic, erotic & exciting? Perhaps a bit of both! You choose.. Either way, affectionate Michelle's company is a very unique, memorable experience. With her gorgeous curvy all-natural body and juicy round butt, you could be forgiven for experiencing a little mouth-watering! With Australian & NZ heritage, that hot erotic passion is just bubbling below the surface!   Rates here.
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