24 yrs  |   5'7"   |   35"C, 25", 35"
Gorgeous Hot Temptress

An elegant, gorgeous businesswoman, Maya is a temptress indeed! Her warm, friendly nature will put you at ease quickly and her love of fine champagne and wines means if you cater for her tastes, you will both be beautifully relaxed in moments. Then she is in her element. With you all pliable and relaxed, she will show you the time of you life!

Maya has a lovely physique that she works hard on to maintain. She is always perfectly groomed, from the top of her fresh, shiny hair, down her lightly tanned, moisturized body, to the tips of her perfectly manicured toes. This doesn't stop her from enjoying her fitness activities, nor does it stop her from enjoying her time with you. Quite the energetic bunny, Maya can become very uninhibited. Enjoy!   Rates here.
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