22 yrs  |   5'8"   |   34"B, 25", 34"
Smart, Elegant Model Escort

Marisa is a delightful young model and actress who loves to meet new people. She loves having fun and ensuring your time is fun also! Flirtatious and sweet, she has a heart of gold and is always easy going and pleasant company. She is extra nice to her regular clients, of which she has many. Marisa is just irresistible. With lovely long legs and a very sensual, erotic nature, Marisa finds it difficult to hide her sexuality.

She is well bred and tasteful of course, always elegant and properly behaved, however her sensuality is shining in her eyes, her innocence is betrayed in the way she walks, her obvious awareness of her body, her aura is just hot! And it's not just an illusion. Marisa is indeed a very smart and sexy woman, who her clients are extremely lucky to have known.   Rates here.
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