24 yrs  |   5'9"   |   32"C, 23", 34"
Feminine Beautiful Model

Isabelle is a gorgeous model with long legs and a flawless complexion. But if you think she is just a pretty face, think again. She is a bright and confident young lady who is extremely poised and elegant. Always beautifully presented, she is an absolute delight to spend time with. She has a curious mind and offers wonderfully interesting conversation.

As a companion, Isabelle is half languid queen, and half feminine maid of servitude. She is a perfect balance of goddess and assistant. Somehow she manages to serve and pamper with dignity, and walk proudly with humility. She is friendly and warm, and there is a 'realness' to her nature. Isabelle loves to keep fit and enjoys dinner parties with friends. Her modeling is something she 'fell into', and she holds aspirations to travel more, and to eventually either raise a family in Spain, or open her own cosmetics line.   Rates here.
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