22 yrs  |   5'7"   |   32"D, 24", 34"
Hot Hot Hot!

Hot Hot Hot. Sizzling Anna is an adult men's magazine model, and is frequently seen pleasantly filling a bikini or draped seductively over some item or other. However despite her rather raunchy image and provocative presence, she is ironically a very gentle and almost shy young lady in person. She is a delightful blend of showgirl talent and almost chaste personal standards. Anna keeps her body in exquisite shape with lots of gym work, and she likes spending her spare time painting and reading.

She really is like the quintessential sexy librarian! Her captivating beauty is perfectly protected with her coy nature. Unwilling to submit to a relationship, Anna has entered the adult companion industry to enjoy sensual trysts and romantic rendezvous, as opposed to dating the many men who try to chase her down! Some might find this an odd choice, but considering our calibre of clientele, we understand her preference. Anna simply prefers to make herself available to elite gentlemen with an agency's protection, as opposed to trying to decipher between who might have ulterior motives or not when they approach her.   Rates here.
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